10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP – Not only softwares for Personal Computer (3/10)

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10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP – Not only softwares for Personal Computer (3/10)
Giovanni Berlusconi

Lechler MAP … “always and everywhere”!

It’s a very ambitious sentence, we know it, but we looked around and realised that we live in a historical period where we all want to communicate, share our feelings with as many people as possible, events we are participating in …

Why don’t you follow this trend to be aware of our thoughts, our knowledge?  

A practical example is the article you are reading, since it’s part of a TECHNICAL BLOG published in internet (blog.lechler.eu/cfe), created to put a space at your disposal where you can interact with us, find useful information for your daily activity, compare your ideas with ours, share your experiences or consult us… maybe using your smartphone while you are stuck in traffic in your car.

But we didn’t stop there.
We made a further effort to share with you our world, which, as you well know, is a colourful world, or better, a world of colours, finishes and effects that are always new and in line with current trends.

And since we can’t and we don’t want to put limits to your creativity, we thought to use technology that already today allows us to be connected, to give you the possibility to have always with you and everywhere formulations of our colours with effects (or without), exactly when you need them, without time constraints and without waiting for our offices to open.

So, we turned Lechler MAP – already efficient, but it requires at least a notebook to work – into a more dynamic smarter… mobile app!   

More precisely, we realised two different applications: the first one still requires a PC connected to the internet, but not necessarily yours!

You just need to access to LECHLER PORTAL from any PC and in the navigation menu on left screen you can find a link to Lechler MAP WEB.

Aren’t you registered to LECHLER PORTAL yet? Do it from here: Lechler MAP WEB is just one of services we put at your disposal on our websites. If you think registration may take long and be complicated, have a look at this tutorial, where we explain you what to do step by step.

Once you open Lechler MAP WEB, you have to choose a business you want to consult (at the moment, we uploaded three businesses: INDUSTRY, REFINISH and YACHTING) and indicate the product you use more frequently. This second field is optional, you can leave it blank… just decide what it’s more convenient to you.

Then, you will access to a page where you could insert data of formulation you are looking for, such as manufacturer/collection, colour code or denomination.
Once you obtain the list of colours that meet your search criteria, double click on the one you are interested in: you will display a page with all formulation details, followed by a list of thinners (and any hardener or additive) compatible with the formulation chosen, provided with relative MIN/MAX percentages of use, as indicated in the product technical data sheet.

You can do two other things on this page:

  • modify total quantity of mixture to produce (you can choose in kilos or litres)
  • download directly from Cloud Lechler technical data sheet of formulation you are displaying, if you need to revise modes of application.

Advantages of using Lechler MAP WEB?

  • First of all, you don’t have to set up any software, because all is on our CLOUD
  • You can use it to display formulations of one or more businesses, depending on preferences you expressed on LECHLER PORTAL
  • You don’t have to worry when you haven’t your PC with you (you can use any computer, even one of an internet café, if you want)
  • You don’t have to keep your formula database always updated; we deal with this every night, when we align the content of our Centralised Database on Cloud Lechler with new colours developed by our laboratories.

As second alternative, we created an APP dedicated to the most used mobile device… your smartphone!

This object is with us anytime (or almost) of the day and often gets us out of trouble (“Where is Via dei Rododendri?”), but now it will be even more useful and allow us literally to paint the town any colour.

More specifically, the same APP can be installed also on a tabled provided with a DATA SIM CARD or a wi-fi connection with an internet router, and to remain impartial above all towards every smartphones/tablets manufacturer, we developed a version for each of the most diffused operative systems: iOS (Apple) and ANDROID.


The first time you open the APP, you will be asked to identify yourself giving your login credentials (email & password); after that, system will recognise you automatically when you access later.


Also in this case, a graphical interface is essential and steps to get a colour formula are extremely simple and consistent with what we’ve seen for Lechler MAP WEB.


Also here, a fundamental requirement to consult colour formulations already published on CLOUD LECHLER is registration on LECHLER PORTAL and that you indicated in the section MYPROFILE businesses (sectors) you want to display.

Any disadvantage?

Yes, a few.
Until now, with both Lechler MAP WEB and M@PPs you can’t do assisted dosing processes (you can’t connect a scale) and calculate the colour price; nevertheless, we think (above all using apps) that having in your pocket a formulas database that is regularly updated several times a week can be an ace in the hole. 

To sum up, if you need to find a colour formulation, today you can do it using one of these versions of Lechler MAP

  • Software for Windows PC (it is the most complete version, with a lot of interesting functions)
  • APP WEB, accessing to LECHLER PORTAL from any internet browser
  • APP MOBILE, for smartphones and tablets: iOS and ANDROID

For this reason, in all honesty, we can define it a MULTI-PLATFORM software that uses, however, everywhere the same formulations database.


This is our current situation, but, as we heard on television at one time, “stay tuned, because big news are coming”, and it would be a pity to miss them!   

That’s all for today!

We hope this information was useful, but if you still have some doubts or would like to ask a specific question or simply leave a comment, you can do it after your registration on LECHLER PORTAL from here.

With the next article, we will see that facilitating data sharing in your activity can be your trump card to control the flow of jobs: we will talk about “CLIENT-SERVER CONFIGURATION”.





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