10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP - Reports (2/10)

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10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP - Reports (2/10)
Giovanni Berlusconi

Lechler MAP is the latest of all programs of Colour Search and Dosing of Lechler and follows in the footsteps of Lechler Explorer, and even before it, of ColorTech and ColorTech 2000.
It was first installed in 2015 and has some particularly interesting functions not everyone knows or remembers how to take the fullest advantage of them.

This article is part of a mini series of ten detailed sections about this software: a way to remind you of explanations received when you had Lechler MAP installed or more simple to show you functions you still don’t know.

Paraphrasing an old commercial, we could say that “to realise colours is nothing without control…” and, in a program dedicated to colour search and dosing, the aim of Reports is indeed to give you the possibility to have an always updated picture of what you are doing, but above all of how you are doing it.

We well know that, when you have to control a production activity, data you need could vary from person to person. For this reason, the Report function is one of the most dynamic and constantly evolving of Lechler MAP together with stock management/warehouse; even if it already has many reports that you can easily display, print, save in PDF format (but not only) or send them as attachments to an e-mail address, our commitment is to make it even richer, integrating it with new analyses, always aligned with your expectations, and that you could suggest too.

You shouldn’t be: first of all, to use Reports you don’t need to set up any updates or special section of Lechler MAP, because it is all included in the standard version and – breaking news – you don’t have to do anything different from what you usually do… you just have to mix your colours (and fillers and clearcoats too, why not?) using an electronic scale connected to the computer when you have Lechler MAP installed.                                  This little device, which furthermore allows you to exploit the autocorrection of formulas in case of mistakes by dosing, helps to enrich the Job Registry of Lechler MAP and automatically collects data reports need.

A small clarification: the function of stock management/warehouse, that you surely noticed if you have been using Lechler MAP for some time, does not influence the data collection in the Job Registry, so you don’t have to activate it to have useful data for creating a Report.

Now that you understood what you need – and what you don’t – to create Reports (or Prints) we will try to be a little more practical, operative

First of all, a tip we give you is not to look for a Report or Print section in Lechler MAP, because you wouldn’t find it… we didn’t insert it. To the classic grouping in a single page of all you can realise, we prefer a “contextual” approach; in other words, depending on the page of Lechler MAP, you see a list of prints/reports you can realise with data you are displaying. 

And if in all pages of Lechler MAP you cannot find a REPORT button, try to consider that also printing a Formula, or a Product Label with Risk Phrases are the result of a reorganization of the same data you are displaying, but for a different objective/purpose.





Do you want to know what products you used in the last month and in what quantities? Or how much did it cost you to realise some colours in a specific day, for a specific customer?

Nothing could be easier! What you have to do is open the Job Registry, click on the REPORT button (in this page it’s in plain sight in the upper right!) and open “Product usage” or “Mixing cost summary by customer”.

As well as the “Product usage”, also other reports have the possibility to be filtered according to your needs: for example by date (as we already said), but also by customer, by used product, by work order, and even by the worker who mixed the colour (assuming that you enabled the user management function).


Briefly, here you can find data you can see today using one of the Reports already in Lechler MAP

  • Product usage
  • Mixing cost summary by customer
  • Job cost detail
  • Mixer productivity detail
  • Mix average
  • Job cost summary
  • Mixer productivity detail

But also

  • Job detail (work order)
  • Current formula detail with ancillaries
  • Current formula detail with costs
  • Current formula detail, “ready-to-use” 


That’s all for today!

I hope this information was useful, but if you still have some doubts or would like to ask a specific question or leave a comment, you can do it after your registration on LechlerPORTAL from here.

See you at your next appointment then; we will see how Lechler MAP is a “MULTI-PLATFORM” software and how you can use it basically everywhere and at any time of the day.  




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