10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP - Multibusiness (1/10)

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10 things you may not know about Lechler MAP - Multibusiness (1/10)
Giovanni Berlusconi

Lechler MAP is the latest of all programs of Colour Search and Dosing of Lechler and follows in the footsteps of Lechler Explorer, and even before it, of ColorTech and ColorTech 2000. It was first installed in 2015 and has some particularly interesting functions not everyone knows or remembers how to take the fullest advantage of them.

This article is part of a mini series of ten detailed sections about this software: a way to remind you of explanations received when you had Lechler MAP installed, or simply to show you functions you still don’t know.

Before going into further detail about what we mean with the term MULTIBUSINESS and how we decided to handle it, let me say that Lechler MAP is not just another program for searching colour formulas. It is a software designed and developed to be your fellow traveler, an assistant able to give you a hand at using products and painting cycles of Lechler Systems in the best way possible for your needs.

Saying that Lechler MAP is a MULTIBUSINESS SYSTEM means that you can use it to consult (and realise) colours of all five sectors where Lechler is operative: DECORATIVE, REFINISH, INDUSTRY, YACHTING, HABITAT. So far, everything is clear!

But we asked ourselves another question: “Why are we obliged to install one program for DECORATIVE, one for REFINISH and even another one for YACHTING?” This is where the convenience of Lechler MAP lies: an unique program with a database containing formulas of all businesses and the possibility to choose which formulas to consult by acquiring a specific licence

If we put it like that, it may seem simple, but putting formulas of five worlds apparently irreconcilable together (just think about the multitude of products of INDUSTRY world and how they are incompatible with products from REFINISH or DECORATIVE) required a strong effort to replan “from the foundations” the database structure and its modalities of update.

But let’s take a step back… when you installed Lechler MAP in your PC, you could see the colour formulas of all five businesses of Lechler, but then, once you activated the program, you had just a business at your disposal, typically REFINISH.

What happened?
Simply, when you inserted your licence code in the program, which you received together with the setup CD-ROM or by e-mail, you activated your Lechler MAP licence and finished your trial period. Modifying this “limit” of the program is quite easy and you can do it whenever you want, even years after the first installation of Lechler MAP. The first thing you have to do is, obviously, to get a new licence that allows you to add (or remove) one or more businesses to your current installation of Lechler MAP. To do it, you just have to contact your Lechler Dealer or our Customer Service and explain your requests, but please note that you have to include also the business you have already used! Every licence will overwrite the one that was previously installed in your computer; so, if you forget it, you cannot see (even if only temporarily) the formulas of businesses that had been already activated.

Once you activated your licence package, you should run Lechler MAP again to make your modifications effective, and at this point, in the LOGIN window, you could choose the formulations to consult, which are divided according to the Business.

To switch from one business to another, you have two possibilities, both intuitive: on the one hand, you can start the program again and choose the new business in the LOGIN window; on the other hand, you can use the RAPID SWITCH BUSINESS button, that you can find in the lower part of the program window, next to the indication of the business currently in use.


We suggest a further way too: you can open a session (window) of Lechler MAP for every business you need, and to do it, you just have to open Lechler MAP again and choose the business in the LOGIN page. In this manner, you could keep two (or more) windows open in your desktop at the same time and switch from one to another page at your discretion thanks to the possibilities given by your WINDOWS interface.

That’s all for today!

I hope this information was useful, but if you still have some doubts or would like to ask a specific question or leave a comment, you can do it after your registration on LechlerPORTAL from here.

See you at your next appointment then; we will talk about “REPORTS” that you can already realise with Lechler MAP and with which you can have a detailed picture of your production activity.



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