99 437 Lechler Color Booster - CAPSURE™

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99 437 Lechler Color Booster - CAPSURE™
Flavio Lisciotto

Lechler Color Booster is a portable reader for measuring pastel colours on flat surfaces. Using this tool simplifies identification of the colour within the vast range of colour collections made by Lechler for the sectors Industry, Decorative and Wood.
Light, intuitive and easy to use, this tool has a microcamera that can produce accurate chromatic readings even on small surfaces. It simplifies the technician's job in selecting the colour to produce: the tool verifies through the internal Data Base and indicates the best colour matches with cards and colour connections from the Lechler business line of reference. Lechler Color Booster is a device guided by a direct menu with easily accessible functions that not only identify the most similar colour and display its code, but they also make it possible to check the selected hue through an RGB image.
An internal tutorial generates the information necessary to start to use the tool and calibrate it and to present the various additional options. While setting the tool up, the user has to choose the language of use and the chromatic libraries that the tool will search to find colours with reference to the actual availabilities in tintometric systems of each business area. 
Lechler Color Booster is powered by a long-lasting battery that is rechargeable with a USB cable and can memorise up to 100 readings. It is possible to synchronise with the best known design applications, including: ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ILLUSTRATOR and QUARKXPRESS. 
™ Trade Mark by Pantone

Fields of appliaction
- Industry (LechlerTech)
- Decorative (Chrèon)
- Wood (IVE)
Chromatic range
Data Bases of the most important colour cards available in the Lechler formula software (Lechler Map® - Lechler Explorer):
- International standards RAL, NCS, British Standard
- Standard and Lechler Tech, IVE Cards
Key points
This tool is a chromatic identifier and therefore it does not develop or correct the formulas used to make the colours, it does not "read" metamerism and therefore cannot be compared to the typical functions of a spectrophotometer.
- Practical, easy to use and provides quick identification
- Compact, transportable, independent
- Producer and colour code are immediately identified on the display  
- Visualisation of RGB colour chips for reference




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