Q121052 Lechler Map DECORATIVE Software

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Q121052 Lechler Map DECORATIVE Software
Flavio Lisciotto

It is a new software conceived as a MAP able to give you all information to navigate in a quick and efficient way in the Color World and to manage the Chrèon Decorative Products.
Lechler MAP® is based on previous experience gained in the DECORATIVE market and uses advanced technology in the IT field, becoming in this way an appropriate instrument for both new service and information needs and hardware tools it works on. 
Lechler MAP® Paint Colour Management Software has many functions, in particular we focus your attention on the following ones:
Fast and guided research of the colour code with the possibility to display the relative «Color Chip».  
Very fast internet color formulation updating, with the possibility to select and download a single product series (e. g. FRAMATON SETA).
Innovative function of "colour sharing" with CHRÈON laboratories.
Integrated connection with the spectrophotometer work station. Graphical user interface dedicated to the DECORATIVE business.
Another new feature is the database update function and the possibility of viewing the update status of each individual series. If the computer that the software is running on is connected to the Internet, the user can check the update level available on the central Lechler server.  The "last update date" is a very useful tool for making sure that the most up-to-date formula is being used. For extremely urgent cases, now Lechler MAP allows user to update only one product series without launching the update process for the entire business area, which obviously takes more time.
Lastly, a more in-depth look at the new features would not be complete without mentioning the technology, which seriously improves platform stability, durability and security, and uses a "button" interface to make use easier and more immediate both on normal computers and touch-screen devices.


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