LECHLER MAP : two good reasons to replace the formula database updating it to the new structure

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LECHLER MAP : two good reasons to replace the formula database updating it to the new structure
Giovanni Berlusconi

Just like equipment, also software programs are in constant evolution and sometimes to obtain performance improvement, it is necessary to create a demarcation line with older versions.

This is also the case of Lechler MAP where, to manage the increasing number of colour formulas of Lechler proposal, we had to modify the structure of its formula database, adopting a quality/performance standard higher than the previous one. This modification has been introduced “silently” in 3.2 version of Lechler MAP and released on the market with a new installation CD in June 2015.

If you installed Lechler MAP before this date, you should update it for the following reasons:

  • Research times, above all with few filter parameters, have been significantly improved.
  • With the release of Lechler MAP version 3.6 in February 2017 some functions, including colour code search, are not compatible anymore with the old database structure, so they do not work anymore. 

Obviously, it all depends on how you use Lechler MAP and how you search for colours. If you have never used the colour code research, maybe you have never noticed that something changed in Lechler MAP!

Replacing a formula database is not complicated, but it requires a good familiarity with “copy and paste” of files in the computer hard disk. If you think you are able to proceed in this direction, have a look at the post dedicated to this subject; while, if you have any doubts or need help to verify what kind of Lechler MAP database you installed, our Software & Instruments Assistance (asstec.attrezzature@lechler.eu) will be glad to give you a hand.


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