Mariko Mori for Lechler: an advertisement that will live forever in the History of Contemporary Art

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Mariko Mori for Lechler: an advertisement that will live forever in the History of Contemporary Art
Gianni Foietta


After 'Dream Temple' for the Prada Foundation in 1999, 'Wave UFO' in 2003, and an incredible year in 2013, with Madama Butterfly at the Teatro La Fenice in Venice and Renew I / Renew II for Espace Louis Vuitton in Tokyo, the artist has chosen a new and astonishing Lechler effect for an installation in New York.

How many times have we felt elated by a work of art without really knowing why? Art, and in particular contemporary art, uses a universal language that reaches down into the depths of our soul. A language that, when rationalized - and there isn't always the need - may appear dark, mysterious and difficult to decipher.

Try to imagine a work of art. Next, image it being described by a critic who brings your attention to details that you would otherwise have found unfathomable. Now imagine the same scene, with the actual artist sharing the emotions that led to its creation. These are three legs of a journey into the same content, the first merely scratching the surface, the second going more in depth, and the last providing a unique insight.

We at Lechler have been given the incredible opportunity to experience this journey with Mariko Mori, one of the best-known and most acclaimed contemporary artists in the world!

Mariko has been collaborating with us for many years in the design and development of colours and effects for her exceptional works. The artist has now come back to visit us for her next installation in New York. Welcomed and accompanied by our Business Development Director, Vasken Manoukian, Mariko was given an overview of the latest technological innovations, regarding colour and effects, developed by Lechler. She then worked alongside our experts to define the perfect solution for her work. She also lent herself to a wonderful interview with the local press. 

"Why do you choose Lechler for your works?" was one of the journalist's first questions. Mariko's answer was surprising, and fills us with pride. "Because of the people who work there, and the attention Mr. Vasken Manoukian devotes to me. The Lechler laboratory is made up of highly skilled people driven - above all - by passion. It is through the combination of these two qualities that they are able to produce colours with an extraordinary emotional impact." Her descriptions of past works, in which man always has plays a central role, reveal her innate sensitivity towards people. With works ranging from "Wave-UFO", one of the earliest collaborations with Lechler, to "Ring: One with Nature", Mariko has given us free access to her world, revealing the most hidden aspects of her work and sharing her emotions and ardour. 

It is a great privilege for us at Lechler to count Mariko Mori among our product users. And Mariko, with her unique art, contributes sensationally to our mission of promoting the culture of colour. "If you see a Ferrari, you'll say it's a beautiful Ferrari," explained Vasken Manoukian. "And if you see a Ferrari in an ugly colour, you’ll still say that the Ferrari is beautiful, but that it was painted badly. In Mariko Mori's works, instead, colours and effects strike you even before the shape. They are a wonderful advertisement for colour - and for Lechler - that will live forever in the History of Contemporary Art".


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