The Distributor Pintura Sanz has inaugurated a new Color Design space

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The Distributor Pintura Sanz has inaugurated a new Color Design space
Mannik Manoukian

Despite this opening words may seem excessive, the facts leave no room for doubt! Pinturas Sanz, one of the Spanish pioneers in capturing the initiatives that are proposed by the world of colour. Pintura Sanz, as distributor and Lechler’s partner since the beginning, was enthusiast of the Colour Design project and so decided to dedicate one room of their premises to our project.

The idea was born during a visit of Vicente Sanz, the owner of the Company, in the establishment of Como: there he could enjoy personally the Color Design project, as well as the latest collections of the industrial Color Proposal.

The newborn hall dedicated to the Color Design project has been structured to impress customers with a wide exposure of colours, effects and painted supports to allow all the visitors to appreciate not only the project, but also to be able to decide in real time which are the shades that best suit the customer’s needs, and why not, also satisfy some whim!

At the inaugural event there were both friends and customers arrived not only from Valencia and surrounded areas , but from all over the Iberian Peninsula. So it was an opportunity for the technicians of Lechler to present the latest news about the Lechsys world, which is always a perfect attraction of the attention of all the spectators, opening up interesting perspectives.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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