Lechler Refinish has a new look!

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Lechler Refinish has a new look!
Gianni Foietta


For some years, we have been representing the businesses in which Lechler operates with evocative pictures: it is the human being, in our case a woman, who throws the colour on the objects as if by magic. It is a metaphorical action, visually closer to a spell than to an application, as it is important to consider, besides technology, the emotional and rational elements that participate in the choice of a colour and the value this can transfer to objects and rooms.
Also in the Refinish field, where the choice of the colour is rather its exact reproduction, technology is not the only important aspect; it becomes crucial only after the intervention of the human being who chooses, with great awareness, the best process for every single repair.

Today, in 2016, we really want to do with Refinish a further evolution. The colour, in the form of energy, finally reaches the car, its final destination, triggering a reaction. The colour places itself and adhere, but not immediately and not easily; this choice is due to our respect for the contribution of car repairer’s work, which is getting more and more complex, and to the advanced chemical technology contained in Lechler’s Refinish paints.
Therefore, you will see this systematic update in the new Refinish packaging, that you are possibly already receiving with the recent supplies.

However, the graphic modifications do not simply have the function to embellish and confer a meaning to the packaging of the product you work with every day. The mindful choice of colours and graphic design will help you to more easily identify the products of the range, even at a single glance.

The product’s identification happens not only through the even more visible name, but also through label and vertical stripe colour. The label colour changes according to product line/type, while the vertical stripe can indicate the colour, the basecoat and the technology used. On the bottom of the tin the product code and colour description are also more evident.

We believe that you will appreciate our new look, that is more modern, appealing and consistent with the image of a dynamic company which Lechler aims to be. 

We wish you a good job with Lechler’s products in their new look!

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