“SKYLINE COMO XL TXT 2015”: Fabrizio Musa’s new work for Palazzo Mercatores

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“SKYLINE COMO XL TXT 2015”: Fabrizio Musa’s new work for Palazzo Mercatores
Mannik Manoukian


To mark the seventieth anniversary of Confcommercio’s activities in Como, on 21 September the new sales area of the registered office in Via Ballarini, Como was opened. Among the various initiatives, renowned artist Fabrizio Musa was asked to create a fresco representing the city.

The subject of the work is a beautiful panorama of the city of Como as seen from Viale Geno: a photo taken and proposed by the artist himself which immediately excited its commissioner Giansilvio Primavesi, chairman of the association. “The original idea was to produce a fresco”, the artist tells us, “but for technical reasons this request was impractical right away: I would have had to have done it only during the daytime and, above all, while the workers were carrying out the reconstruction work. Naturally my work requires great precision and I can’t paint in an environment where there is dust and rubble. In addition, the opening hours of the premises meant that I could only work until 5 p.m. and I am used to working primarily at night!” The solution, and a successful one at that, was to produce the painting on 5 MDF panels previously prepared with a cementite base to occupy a total area of 280x110cm. “One interesting detail that perhaps not everyone has noticed”, continues Musa, “is that the painting includes a door that enables you to access an adjacent room! One of the panels was therefore applied not to the wall but directly on the door!” 

To create the work Fabrizio Musa worked day and night throughout the month of July in his studio at 55 Via Indipendenza. Six cans of Framaton Seta, three black and three white, were used by the artist from Como to create the painting which was disassembled and reassembled permanently in the Confcommercio offices in September. The conference room in Palazzo Mercatores has two other frescoes, "Arti e mestieri" and "Storia e apologia dell'Italia", produced in the 1940s by Como artists Gin Binaghi and Eugenio Rossi: “seeing my work alongside that of two such illustrious local artists is a great honour for me”, he concluded. The creation of the painting was filmed, from start to finish, with timelapse technology and a video has been produced that will be screened on 10 November in Villa D’Este during the 70th anniversary celebrations.

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