The more we are, the lighter the plough will be - Stoppani for Bateau Ambulance

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The more we are, the lighter the plough will be - Stoppani for Bateau Ambulance
Gianni Foietta


In partnership with African and international organisations, ForAfricanChildren (FAC) helps the most destitute African children, and directly follows the aid it provides and the progress of its projects until their completion. 

"Bateau Ambulance” is one of such projects. It centres on constructing a “hydro-ambulance” for neonatal, paediatric and adult emergencies (and more besides). Said ambulance will be placed at the disposal of the Vanga Hospital on the river Kwilu, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is an actual floating mini-hospital. The boat, which is 10 m long and 3.5 m wide, has two fully equipped medical stations in a surface area of 35 m2. One of the two stations specialises in neonatal and gynaecological emergencies, with a mobile emergency incubator.

Stoppani has believed in the deep civilian value of this project, and through its client Serafini in Brescia, it has provided technical consultations and products to treat the bottom of this original vessel. 

A traditional Creole proverb runs as follows: "The more we are, the lighter the plough will be."  Stoppani and another 150 sponsors have participated in supporting the construction of the hydro-ambulance, an effort that will be fully repaid by the smile and health of African children. 

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