Lechler hosts ‘Color Designer’ of the future

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Lechler hosts ‘Color Designer’ of the future
Gianni Foietta

Some of the major color projects developed today by Lechler are underpinned by consultations with Francesca Valan. Francesca’s competence is acknowledged on the international scene by the leading industrial firms she partners, and yet, it is no easy feat to define and precisely describe her title: ‘Color Designer’ or ‘Color Consultant’? 

What does it exactly mean? 

The ‘Color Consultant & Designer’ is a professional who has all-round expertise in the use of color as a technical, expressive and design tool. A unique and versatile professional profile that plays a central role in the creative processes of multiple application frameworks, ranging from industrial product design to interior architecture, from communication to fashion and the showbiz world, and finally urban design.

Providing high standard expertise and skills in color design and technology, to create the new professional figure of the "Color Consultant & Designer" is the goal of the first course held in Italy and on the international scene that Lechler has decided to sponsor. The Master’s Degree in Color Design & Technology was jointly established by POLI.Design (Consortium of the Milan Polytechnic) and the University of Milan. 
Unique post-graduate training both in terms of type and didactic quality. 

After the first theoretical phase, the Master’s Degree has finally reached the practical phase. We used the word ‘finally’ because after months of partnership between the two universities in "designing" and organizing" this course, we had the opportunity to meet students from several parts of the world. An intense educational day at Lechler, accompanied by Prof Cristiano Bonanomi and Francesca Valan.

After the Marketing Manager Luigi Clerici’s opening greetings and an overview of the Company, its business and references, Dr Maurizio Bazzoni held a workshop that discussed topics that were most ‘practical’ and akin to color, namely perceptions, pigments, research, control tools and the many management issues with details of how to choose the ‘right colors.’ All the topics of discussion met with great interest; however, we were extremely pleased to observe that students found topics on the choice of colors that best suited industrial frameworks of the utmost interest. Lechler’s project ‘Color Trend Consultant,’ an evolution of the well-known ‘Color Trend Proposal,’ will soon be available for Lechler Tech clients to propose trendy color solutions that have already been studied with experts. The tool of the color trend will be delivered ready-to-use for a short/medium period, and the Designer will be invited to select the color from the very first project design phases by consulting the available research. The theme of synergic Color design with the assessment of Painting Technologies that consider performance, system and economic demands as compliancy rules for all artefacts right from the design phases, was extensively developed by the Product Managers for Industry Roberto Angeli and Fabio Tornaghi.

At Lechler, this is only one lap of the path that will turn these students into genuine ‘Color Consultants & Designers.’ Good luck to all of them for this new career, hoping their professional future will offer opportunities to cooperate with us!

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