What can I do with Lechler MAP?

The simplest thing you can do with LECHLER MAP is to look for a colour from numerous collections that we put at your disposal and realise it with one of our products, the best suitable to your finishes requests: gloss, matt, resistant to external conditions…

Furthermore, you can print labels and safety data sheets, personalised for the colour formulation you are working on, including your personalised colours! Consult products technical data sheets to know how to make the best use of them, send your colour to an automatic dispenser or read the colour you liked the most with a spectrophotometer and reproduce it any time you want, always correctly.  

To learn more about it, consult our «Leaflet Lechler MAP - Paint Color Mangement Software».         



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What is Color Match Explorer?

Color Match Explorer is a system of colour retrieval based on the Spectrophotometer with multi-corner reading and special Software.

This combination, if constantly updated, allows a precise and effective colour identification even for new colours.  

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What is in the box of Color Match Explorer?

In the case with the spectrophotometer you can find everything you need to install and use Color Match Explorer :

Kit Color Match Explorer

> The spectrophotometer
> two standards (BLACK and WHITE) to calibrate the tool
> a CD-ROM with the colour retrieval program (Lechler Color Match Explorer®)
> a printed user manual; you can find its electronic version in installation CD-ROM                                          
> an USB cable to connect the tool to your Personal Computer
> 4 AA batteries of 1,5 V (not recheargable) to power the tool
> a hardware key: it seems a common USB key, but this one contains the licence to use the software and you cannot use it to save files.

To use Color Match Explorer it is necessary that the hardware key is connected to the computer where the program is installed.


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Where can I install the Color Match Explorer software?

On every computer with WINDOWS as operating system that meets the characteristics required by the system.

Once you receive the tool, you just have to insert the CD-ROM into the driver of your Personal Computer and follow instructions on the screen: installation process is completely guided and automated.


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Can I use Color Match Explorer on two computers?

Yes, the Color Match Explorer Software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, but to use it, it is necessary that the hardware key containing the licence is connected to the computer you want to use: it means that you can install the software on multiple workstations, but you can use only one at a time.  

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How many readings can I save in Color Match Explorer?


This is the maximum number of readings you can save in tool internal memory, while there is no limit for readings you can save in Lechler MAP, the Paint Management Software of Lechler. When there is no space left on device, you have to delete some readings you saved to keep on working.

Don’t be unprepared! Get used to transferring your readings to Lechler MAP: it will be easier for you to find them when necessary and dose them using options “recalculation in case of mistake” and “preselection of ready-to-use quantity” of Lechler MAP.


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Can I connect a spectrophotometer to Lechler MAP?

Even if not all models available on the market are compatible with Lechler MAP.
Before buying a spectrophotometer, contact us: we could suggest you the model that is best suited to your needs among those approved by Lechler.

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