What is Lechler MAP?

LECHLER MAP is a software that allows you to rationally and efficiently manage the colour production and the realizsation of all associated documentation, for example Toxicological Sheets, required for the transportation, or to keep track of the product used in a given period.

For more, consult our «Leaflet Lechler MAP - Paint Color Management Software»




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Are there different versions of Lechler MAP?

YES, we created a specific version of LECHLER MAP for each of five businesses in which we operate (Decorative, Habitat, Industry, Yachting and Refinish), but, if necessary, you can get a version of LECHLER MAP that includes two or more businesses, for example Refinish & Industry.

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What can I do with Lechler MAP?

The simplest thing you can do with LECHLER MAP is to look for a colour from numerous collections that we put at your disposal and realise it with one of our products, the best suitable to your finishes requests: gloss, matt, resistant to external conditions…

Furthermore, you can print labels and safety data sheets, personalised for the colour formulation you are working on, including your personalised colours! Consult products technical data sheets to know how to make the best use of them, send your colour to an automatic dispenser or read the colour you liked the most with a spectrophotometer and reproduce it any time you want, always correctly.  

To learn more about it, consult our «Leaflet Lechler MAP - Paint Color Mangement Software».         



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How can I get Lechler MAP?

If you want to install LECHLER MAP on a Personal Computer, you can request an INSTALLATION CD from our Customer Service, or, alternatively, download its INSTALLATION FILE from Lechler Portal.
In this case, to use all functions of Lechler MAP, you need a licence for every computer, which you could use only once.

If you want your tool for colour research always with you, you can install M-APP for mobile devices from the main online stores.


Lechler M-APP

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Where can I install Lechler MAP?

On Windows personal computers, tablets and smartphones, as well as on Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

The most complete version is for personal computers, but also using mobile APPS you can easily find your favourite colour in LECHLER databases, obtain a formulation for the exact quantity of paint you need (in grams or litres) and download the technical data sheet containing our indications to know how to make the best use of product you chose.

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What requirements does my PC need to run Lechler MAP?

As for any other software, also in this case you need an appropriate Personal Computer to use properly LECHLER MAP. However, its features can change based on how you want to use Lechler MAP...

If you want to use Lechler MAP only to search for colours and dose them in our database of formulas or your personal formulas, these are the minimum requirements your computer has to meet:

  • Operating system : Windows 7 or newer
  • MONITOR resolution: 1366x768 pixel
  • CPU / Processor: Intel N3450 @ 2.2GHz
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Free disk space: 5GB
  • I/O to connect a scale: 1-2 2.0 USB ports or 1-2 rs232c serial ports depending on model and quantity of scales to connect

On the other hand, if you plan to connect a Spectrophotometer to Lechler MAP, you will need a computer that is a little more powerful, with the following features:

  • Operating system : Windows 7 Professional or newer
  • MONITOR resolution: 1366x768 pixel
  • CPU / Processor: Intel i3 core @ 2GHz
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Free disk space: 10 GB
  • I/O to connect a spectrophotometer: 2 2.0 USB ports to connect the tool and hardware key containing user licence.
  • I/O to connect a scale: 1-2 2.0 USB ports or 1-2 rs232c serial ports depending on model and quantity of scales to connect.


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I have already installed Lechler MAP. Do I need something else?

YES, you need a definitive licence that allows you to use LECHLER MAP version that is best suited to your business.

You have 15 days to evaluate all functions of LECHLER MAP without restriction, but at the end of the trial period, you will have to buy a licence; otherwise, LECHLER MAP will stop working.

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How can I activate Lechler MAP licence?

There are two ways to activate Lechler MAP licence: ONLINE and OFFLINE

The ONLINE method is simpler, but it is important that your computer, where Lechler MAP is installed, is connected to the Internet, at least when you activate the licence.

Also OFFLINE method, a little more difficult but equally effective, requires a computer connected to the internet, but not necessarily the same where Lechler MAP is installed.  

In both cases, the final user of Lechler MAP must have an account created on Lechler Portal, because he has to enter his data (e-mail and password) to complete the licence activation process.

If you are still not registered on Lechler Portal, we suggest you to do it before inserting the licence or you may not be able to use Lechler MAP until you have completed all required steps.

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What is Color Match Explorer?

Color Match Explorer is a system of colour retrieval based on the Spectrophotometer with multi-corner reading and special Software.

This combination, if constantly updated, allows a precise and effective colour identification even for new colours.  

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What is in the box of Color Match Explorer?

In the case with the spectrophotometer you can find everything you need to install and use Color Match Explorer :

Kit Color Match Explorer

> The spectrophotometer
> two standards (BLACK and WHITE) to calibrate the tool
> a CD-ROM with the colour retrieval program (Lechler Color Match Explorer®)
> a printed user manual; you can find its electronic version in installation CD-ROM                                          
> an USB cable to connect the tool to your Personal Computer
> 4 AA batteries of 1,5 V (not recheargable) to power the tool
> a hardware key: it seems a common USB key, but this one contains the licence to use the software and you cannot use it to save files.

To use Color Match Explorer it is necessary that the hardware key is connected to the computer where the program is installed.


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Where can I install the Color Match Explorer software?

On every computer with WINDOWS as operating system that meets the characteristics required by the system.

Once you receive the tool, you just have to insert the CD-ROM into the driver of your Personal Computer and follow instructions on the screen: installation process is completely guided and automated.


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What requirements does my PC need to run Color Match Explorer?

As for any other software, also in this case you need an appropriate Personal Computer to use properly Color Match Explorer, the spectrophotometer dedicated to coating systems of CAR REFINISHING.

This is the minimal configuration suggested:  

  • Operating system : Windows 7 Professional or newer
  • MONITOR resolution: 1366x768 pixel
  • CPU / Processor: Intel i3 core @ 2GHz
  • RAM memory: 4GB
  • Free disk space: 10GB
  • 2 2.0 USB ports to connect the tool and the hardware key that contains user licence. 
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Can I use Color Match Explorer on two computers?

Yes, the Color Match Explorer Software can be installed on an unlimited number of computers, but to use it, it is necessary that the hardware key containing the licence is connected to the computer you want to use: it means that you can install the software on multiple workstations, but you can use only one at a time.  

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Can I connect a spectrophotometer to Lechler MAP?

Even if not all models available on the market are compatible with Lechler MAP.
Before buying a spectrophotometer, contact us: we could suggest you the model that is best suited to your needs among those approved by Lechler.

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I am realising a personal formula, but I cannot find all ‘Base colours’ that belong to the system. Why?

It could happen for a purpose, namely, it could be caused by products you are using to create your formula.
LECHLER MAP is able to recognise which Base colours or Binders are not compatible with each other and, consequently, restrict their use.
This function ensures the realisation of mixtures which are always consistent with the product technical data sheet.





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Lechler MAP fails to update formulas even if the computer is connected to the Internet

MAP - no update

If you see this message, once you launch the formula update, the problem may be linked to your LECHLER PORTAL account.

We suggest you to check whether e-mail and password you used for activating the licence of Lechler MAP are the same as those of your account…  

lechler portal login

and to have chosen your Areas of Interest (businesses) on the page MY PROFILE correctly .


lechler portal my profile


If these data are correct, it could depend on ‘safety settings’ of your computer against threats that can reach it from the Internet.  

If you installed a firewall, a proxy-server, or in general a software that protects you from ‘external’ attacks (not an antivirus software, because it generally does other things) you should check whether this software allows an outbound bidirectional communication – but above all inbound – through the PORTS 80, 443, 4443 and 4500.

If you have no clue about what 'internet ports' are and how to verify if they are open, we suggest you to contact who sold you the computer or the technician installed it and configured your internal network (intranet).

In our pre-installed systems (PC-BOX MAP) these ports are already open, but you could have the same problem if there are restrictions on modes of connection to the Internet that do not depend on our equipment.

Should this problem persist, contact our Software & Instruments Assistance (asstec.attrezzature@lechler.eu) to carry out further checks.


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