How to update Lechler MAP database to the new data structure

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Giovanni Berlusconi

The modification of database structure has been introduced "silently" in 3.2 version of Lechler MAP to improve global performances of program and distributed with a new installation CD in June 2015

There is no instrument that enables you to replace automatically the database; therefore, you need to proceed 'manually' as described below (it requires a good familiarity with 'copy, paste and modify' of files in the computer hard disk).

  1. Download from Lechler Portal the last available database version in the new format (SQL), if possible, in the PC where you installed LECHLER MAP or on a USB disk. 
  2. Copy the file downloaded in the folder C:\ProgramData\Lechler of the computer you want to update and extract its content (double click). PLEASE NOTE: according to the default settings, the folder C:\ProgramData\Lechler is hidden: to show it, please follow these instructions.
  3. Select the file LechlerMap.ini and open it for editing using Notepad or Wordpad. On line DbFormat and DefaultDbFormat replace value “Mdb” with “SqlLite”. Close the file and save changes.
  4. Run LECHLER MAP and on the homepage click on IMPORT DATA.
  5. Select the option MAP PERSONAL FORMULAS. Highlight the file Lechler_MAP­_pers.mdb in the open window and click on OPEN in the lower right.
  6. Click on IMPORT and wait for the operation to complete.
  7. Restart LECHLER MAP for import of personal formulas and list of jobs done before its database update (job registry) to take effect.

If you have any doubts or need help to verify what kind of Lechler MAP database you installed, our Software & Instruments Assistance ( will be glad to give you a hand.


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