HYDROFAN - The Lechler’s Waterborne Technology

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HYDROFAN - The Lechler’s Waterborne Technology
Gianni Foietta

HYDROFAN HE BASECOAT SYSTEM is the water-borne matt basecoat allowing to obtain the highest efficiency with performances and ease of use just like solvent-based products. A system of coloured bases, ready for use without any mixing machine, used to create two-coat car, motorcycle and commercial vehicle colours. The system is composed of a compact colour base range, available in different bottle sizes (1 lt, 0,5 lt and 0,25 lt) according to requirements, for the production of metallic, pearl, solid and effect colours.

After the latest system evolution, HYDROFAN HE is today the only system that guarantees two application methods, allowing in this way a different approach according to different situations and needs of each painter.  


  • Reduction of product consumption (-30%)
  • Reduction of process times (-20%)

HYDROFAN HE’s main point is surely its flexibility, further increased thanks to specific additives. Depending on the repair work to be completed, the painter now has the possibility of choosing the most efficient application method between the STANDARD and the ONE STEP process, according to which the product is applied through consecutive coats without intermediate flash-off, allowing to reduce process times up to 20% and product consumption up to 30%.

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