A #SOEASY 2019

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A #SOEASY 2019
Lechler Spa


John and James, two body shop painters who live in the same context.

James works 14 hours a day, yet he struggles to make ends meet. He predicts a gloomy 2019 devoid of any achievement. John is instead cheerful and optimistic since he knows that his 2019 is going to be all #SOEASY.

We’ve chosen to tell a story that is both bitter and amusing as a way to present and promote the EASY EFFICIENCY PROGRAM, the evolution of Lechler’s value proposition.

EASY EFFICIENCY: the easy choice, the right process, the best repair. The word ‘EASY’ stands tall and is a promise we’ll keep: easy-to-use tools that help body shop painters choose the best process and a new way to convey them: the comic strip.

Over the course of 2019 we’ll present various episodes of John and James’ adventures, but you will never see them in a body shop. Being efficient doesn’t just mean to work better, but to live better once back at home. That’s what you’ll see in the 2019 REFINISH CALENDAR, from which this introductory strip was taken:

Calendario 2019

Each quarter goes together with an image that shows Flavio’s future projects. Flavio has become a successful businessman and is, above all, happy with his life. He travels, plays sports and has fun. Our proposal is: “Would you like to become like Flavio?”. To do so, join Lechler’s EASY EFFICIENCY PROGRAM and follow Flavio’s adventures on the website www.so-easy.org.


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