LECHLER MAPP Easy – Process Efficiency Navigator

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LECHLER MAPP Easy – Process Efficiency Navigator
Lechler Spa

In the last few years, Lechler has put several innovative solutions at disposal of its car painters, which, in addition to the wide range of highefficiency products, allow to choose among many painting processes with different quality, performance and efficiency levels in terms of productivity and total costs.

The decision to repair a damage has become the most crucial time of the whole process, because this choice not only determines the final result from a technical and aesthetic point of view, but it also has an inevitable impact on economic and production aspects.

Therefore, with the purpose of supporting and guiding the car repairer by selecting the most efficient painting process for each individual case, Lechler decided to invest in the development of an app, easily usable on all devices, such as PCs, tablets and smartphones.Mapp Easy

Using some specific information about the bodyshop and the kind of repair, this APP is able to propose the most efficient processes, selecting them among the possible solutions, and to order them according to one of the following criteria:

  • Costs
  • Speed
  • Quality.

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This new app can be freely downloaded from all stores (APPLE and ANDROID) and used, after registration, by all bodyshops that have already joined the Body Efficiency Program and will receive access credentials for using immediately this new working tool. For other Lechler users interested in using this APP, it is only necessary to enter this program. Only joining the Bodyshop Efficiency Program, the program that Lechler provided for its network of bodyshops, entrepreneurs and their workers can be guided along this evolution path towards the maximum economic and production efficiency.

We firmly believe that from today on the selection of the most efficient painting process will be even easier for users of Lechler products.

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