Colour Dispenser: indispensable help?

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Colour Dispenser: indispensable help?
Giovanni Berlusconi

If your primary activity is to produce colours that someone else uses to paint a product, at least once you have been tempted by glossy brochures that show a machine able to ‘realise a colour without you being there’.
These machines are called automatic dispensers (or colour dispensers) and actually they are a big help for activities with a significant volume of litres produced per year.

Indipendently of the machine complexity and dosing modality (volumetric or gravimetric), however, you should know that a minimum interaction of a human worker is required (colour search, dosage confirmation, daily cleaning...).
Nevertheless, there is still an advantage: while machine executes your instructions, you can do something else.

But you should not forget that, as any other machine, even a colour dispenser requires regular maintenance, but, above all, to be used according to parameters suggested by the producer:   
> Room temperature not too cold (even in winter)
> Colourants in good conditions (not too dense or too old) 
> Electrical power supply of good quality
> Regular use, avoiding long machine downtimes.  

If you considered ‘objectively’ all technical and economic aspects of this important investment and you are ready for the next step, please keep in mind that not all painting systems are suitable to be managed with a colour dispenser.
A big limitation is the quantity of coloured bases that compose the system to compare with the maximum number of circuits that can be managed with these machines (generally, no more than 32).
Another one is concentration degree of coloured bases: when their colour strength increases, you need lower and lower quantities in the formulation, that are, as a consequence, more difficult to dose precisely.

Having said that, with which LECHLER systems can you think to use an automatic dispenser? And which of them is better for each system? It's very simple:

DECORATIVE : CHRÈON DAC system with 16 and 20 colourants

DISPENSER D600 20 Circuits (Lechler code LQ920119N1)
DISPENSER D300 20 Circuits (Lechler code LQ920126N1)

INDUSTRY : LECHSYS system solid colourants 

DISPENSER D800 30 Circuits (Lechler code L0990785N1)
DISPENSER D600 24 Circuits (Lechler code L0990681N1)

IVE : LWE system (Lechler Wood Extensive) solid colourants

DISPENSER D600 24 Circuits (Lechler code IAUS0032N1)

to use the new automatic dispenser easily for as long as possible, even after you wrote off all your expenses, you need:

•    A room in a temperature range of 15° to 20°C all year long, if possible, dedicated to position the dispenser and stock of colourants to use for the machine.
•    Constant electrical power supply, so that colourants can recirculate even during the night and weekly rests: it is useful above all for colourants that are not regularly used. 
•    A production volume of about 10,000 Lt /year averagely distributed throughout the year.
•    A good contract for regular maintenance (we suggest 1 or 2 controls per year, depending on volume of colourant produced), that includes calibration of dosage circuits, and, if possible, event costs of spare parts necessary to repair any faults. 

AND PLEASE NOTE: to realise a colour with an automatic dispenser, you need only a PC with Lechler Map ®: you choose colour and quantity to produce and our Paint Management Software will do all the rest. When you use one of our binders in various sizes pre-dosed, process is even more efficient, avoiding product leftovers.


For further information, our Software & Instruments Assistance ( is at your disposal.


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