For each mixing machine its lid

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For each mixing machine its lid
Giovanni Berlusconi

For each mixing machine its lid: it may seem banal, but it actually is not!

If you have been working in this field for many years, you have certainly experienced the situation when you have to replace some stirring lids as a result of ordinary wear and tear or evolution of both painting products and related equipment. Then, if during these years of activity you changed even supplier of coatings, it is much more complicated.

To find the key to this problem you have to take as reference the brand of the mixing machine: I do not mean the brand of coatings you placed on it, but the manufacturer. In this way, you can notice a permanent feature: if lids have the same supplier and the same year of production, they would be usable on more types of mixing machine.

Explanation is quite simple: since a mixing machine without its (stirring) lid cannot fulfil its function, it is logical to conclude that who produces mixing machines can also provide you with their relative lids. Considering that designing a stirring lid is harder than a mixing machine, it necessarily follows that they change their features as infrequently as possible.

Having said that and taking into consideration that there is not any unique stirring lid suitable for every kind of can, or indeed for every model of mixing machine, we prepared a table where you can find the most important brands of mixing machines (manufacturers) and the codes of compatible lids.  

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